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Government grants for solar panels

Find out more about government grants for solar panels In the UK, promoting the use of renewable energy sources has been high on the government’s agenda for many years. This is reinforced by the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, which set a target for all member countries to achieve a 20% …

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What types of small business grants are available?

Business startup grants are hard to come by; here’s an overview of the new business grants available for small businesses and entrepreneurs… If you’re a small business owner or thinking of starting a business, finance is probably your biggest concern. You may be wondering if there is any funding available for start-ups. The …

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Where can you find small business grants?

Startups look at the three main sources of business startup grants by The Startups Team It is just not possible to say exactly how many business grants schemes there are out there. There are often over 3,000 grant schemes running for UK businesses at any given time, not including those offered by …

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How to get a business grant

Our guide to navigating your way through the complex process of applying for a business grant, and how to beat out the competition as you do For a new or pre-launch start-up, applying for a business grant can be an excellent way to kickstart growth. But with thousands of grant …

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Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

There are various grant types in the UK, and women who are applying for grants must see where they fit in and make appropriate applications. “   Women business grants have an added significance in the UK because of the large number of mumpreneurs starting out with their careers presently. …

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Successful Women Entrepreneurs

“They have surmounted odds, shunned common notions that dictate women cannot surpass men in the business world and have therefore reached the positions they are at now.”   Here is a list of 5 successful women entrepreneurs from the UK. These may not be the most successful or the richest, …

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Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Funding for Women Entrepreneurs “You cannot go right away and apply for business finance. You have to do a lot of work in advance to make sure that your financial requests are acceded to. “   What you have read so far is absolutely true. It is easier to find …

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Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

“The government itself provides loans, even large amounts, if they are sure that the endeavor will benefit the woman and her family or the society at large.” It is true that applications for business loans for women are considered more favorably than for men; the reason is that most economies …

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Help with health costs

If you are on a low income, or receiving certain benefits or tax credits, you may be entitled to full or partial help towards NHS costs England Free NHS benefits If you are getting one of the following means tested benefits, then you can get full help with NHS health …

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